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Holistic Care

Massage relieves stuckness, pain, and soreness by first calming the sympathetic nervous system and then using that calm, parasympathetic state to allow manual resetting of physical imbalances.

If you're wondering if acupuncture can help with your health concerns....the answer is YES! This is the beauty of Chinese Medicine. There is always hope and there are endless approaches to any problem.

Quality nutraceuticals (professional grade nutritional supplements) are a very important part of a treatment protocol. These will likely be part of your optimal health prescriptions.

About Live Oak Health

We know that physical and emotional discomfort are symptoms of imbalance.  Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Herbal Prescriptions, Massage Therapy, and age-old nutrition and lifestyle hacks are complementary health care tools that restore this balance by addressing the foundational aspects of health.

Our practitioners are the finest in the area and offer many results-focused treatment styles. We've been located in Oak Creek since 2011 and are also a convenient distance from the neighboring areas of Franksville, Raymond, Franklin, South Milwaukee, St Francis, Cudahy, Caledonia, Mount Pleasant, and Racine.

We're excited to serve our community by consistently doing better than expected. If you're ready to go, check out the Scheduling page for full directions on using our online calendar.

Live Oak Health is an approved provider for United Healthcare, UMR, Medicare, and the VA.